Lack of Color




I have found a new fashion accessory that I can’t get enough of HATS, especially this new one from Lack of Color The Spencer Boater. I got my first hat Montana Midnight Muse,  early this year and wore it at the Great Ocean Road trip and casually around Melbourne laneways this winter.  It is great to not only have a practical hat but a brand that creates great quality and stylish hats. In our current environment with the sun damaging so many people’s skin it is very important accessory to wear especially in Australia.

Unfortunately, I forgot my Montana Midnight Muse hat getting out of a taxi in Cuba after our trip from Havana. I was so upset that I went out to the cab rank and somehow use the basic spanish that I knew from living in the Caribbean 10 years ago to communicate with drivers to call my taxi to come back. In Cuba all the taxis are privately owned and do not have radios in their cars so it took awhile to track him down. We finally did and arrange for them to drop it back off the next morning. We got so busy the next day we checked out of the hotel without seeing if they had returned it. Our flight had been delayed which caused so much stress on everyone and I was so sick that I could not think about anything but my bed in Toronto. Long story short…I lost my Lack of Color hat and now have replaced it with this new fabulous one just in time for SUMMER and my trip to Bali.

I have always been conflicted with their brand name Lack of Color but that is just because I am all about COLOUR.  Do not be surprised if I sneakily get another before the end of the year 🙂

Wearing: Brandy Melville Dress & Bralette | The Horse Watch (Sold Out) | Jolie & Deen Necklaces

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