Hong Kong Diary II



















Location 1 – Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan is the area we stayed in Hong Kong. Our hotel was so within walking distance to everything it was great. I would totally recommend staying at  Lan Kwai Fong Hotel  as it was a unique boutique style apartment amazing service. It even came with a Samsung phone with free calls internationally and data. The phone was so helpful getting us to all the local spots as it had a great navigation guide app already installed.

Location 2 – Chi Lin Nunnery 

The trip to the Chi Lin Nunnery was quite the journey to get to from Hong Kong Central and it was a bit of a let down as the garden temple I was so excited to see and photograph was all covered up for refurbishments. The temple was beautiful but you were not allow to photograph all the gold buddhas and after seeing so many in Beijing it was a bit of a let down. I guess I just had high hopes of being able to photograph the garden temple.  I recommend you do a little research before you begin the journey to the temple, however photos I’ve previously seen of this area look amazing.

Location 3 – Ladies Market

There are so many markets in Hong Kong and you easily stumble across them just walking around. This one was great as we were in a rush to pick up some souvenirs from family and friends and they had lots of great bargains. This shopping strip is a seen one, seen all so don’t expect to find anything unique or exotic here as it is full of as the locals say “genuine fakes”. If you want real shopping for designer clothing head to Horizon Plaza  for the  BEST bargain designer clothing shopping you will do. I got so excited when I found all the shops with all the designer shoes for 50-70% off. I recommend mapping out the specific stores you want to go too and don’t waste time on the other floors. Lane Crawford and Joyce Warehouse were the best shops.

I’ve only just scratched the surface of the “things to do list” for Hong Kong… I hope one day soon I will come back to discover more amazing Hong Kong.

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