Aqua Luna

Hong Kong Diary III














Back tracking to 2014, I have a final diary post on one of my night adventures in Hong Kong.

The Aqua Luna boat tour was recommended on all the must see attractions to check out in Hong Kong by Trip Advisor and some of my favourite bloggers. It was more than terrific and I recommend everyone to do it. Even if you only have one night in Hong Kong it is a great way to see the harbour while having a drink. They have comfortable seating on board and every seat has an amazing 360 degree view with funky tunes in the background.

The lightshow of the harbour was great to see with an enormous crowd that come to watch it every night. Get there early if you want to get good viewing seats. The lightshow itself is synced with music which is pretty impressive but just being at the harbour at night and seeing all the rainbow coloured lights from every building reflect off into the water is just magical in itself.  Hong Kong, you are truly amazing and captivating, I can’t wait till we meet again in the not so near future.  

Love Hello Kiki


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