DIY Glitter Vase

DIY Glitter Vase

I love creating stuff for my home to make it more personal and unique.

For some reason love collecting bottles. I like using different ones for vases when I buy flowers for myself. I think the concept of recycling bottles or anything in general to make it into something useful in your home instead of tossing it out makes me feel good. I like personalising objects to give my home character.

Last year when my mother came to visit she discovered my stash of bottles as I had too many and wasn’t doing anything with them yet. So mom I have finally done something with them and it is really simple.

DIY Glitter Vase


3 Glass bottles (I used a recycled Schweppes bottle)

1 paint brush

Spotlight Clear paint (I used clear paint with glitter)

Typo Glitter (Any colour)

Paper or Newspaper to collect all the extra glitter droppings

 Glitter Blast Paint Clear Sealer

DIY Glitter Vase

1. Wash the bottle so that it has a clean surface

2. Use a newspaper or any paper to collect all the glitter that drops down

3. Paint the bottle with clear paint (or clear glue)

4. Spin the bottle and gently tap glitter all over to get the coverage you want

Note: As you can see the clear paint with glitter does not give enough coverage which is why I used extra glitter to give a  better effect. It is entirely up to you how much coverage you like to have on your bottles vases.

5. Spray clear seal on the bottles so that the glitter doesn’t fall everywhere (Learn that the hard way)

KWPL0519DIY Glitter Vase


DIY Glitter Vase3 simple yet beautiful glitter vases for my table

The best part about this DIY is that you probably already have some of the materials in your house already just like me. So give it a try and tag me in your creations @he110kiki

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