Harley the cavoodle

Harley is growing

This post is for anyone who loves puppies

My puppy Harley [#harleythecavoodle] is currently at 11 weeks (left) vs 9 weeks (right)

Harley the cavoodle

Being a photographer you are always in need of a good a subject and unfortunately for my new puppy he gets the short stick and as you can tell through these photos he doesn’t look impressed…

I also wanted to take photos of him growing up to see his progress which you can see the best in the top photo. He has grown a bit more since these photos as he is at 12 weeks now but I had the photos sitting on my computer doing nothing so I thought I would share all of his cute facial expressions.

Harley the cavoodle Pic1Harley the cavoodle Oh yeah…by the way this is me now a days with no make up, messy bun, ripped jeans and t-shirt. It’s not my usual colourful dressy outfits but I must admit it is a nice change and I love it.

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