lunar eclipse

Blood Moon

lunar eclipselunar eclipse lunar eclipse lunar eclipse167 lunar eclipse165

Hello Everyone,

Here are some of my photos of Saturday night shortest lunar eclipse of the century which I photograph around 11pm-12am AEST. I always wanted to photograph the moon but it can be complicated depending on what you want to achieve.

I thought with the moon being blood red and capturing the lunar eclipse would be cool and something different for me.

Experimenting in photography is probably the best part about my job…there are millions of options of subject matter.

Ps. for those of you who follow me regularly… I have dropped offline for the past week or so due to illness. I am feeling much better and hope to bring lots of fun photography to you all this month.

One thought on “Blood Moon

  1. Hah awesome. We were trying to catch that as well but I think we were on the wrong side of the planet. I guess I didn’t miss it at all. Thanks!

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