I have been working on creating Hello Kiki Greeting Cards to sell in my shop.

But before I do I thought I’d ask first what kind of images you like best ? I have a large collection now of imagery on my blog to choose from and I am always creating new content but I’ll like to know what you think!

I have a lot of ideas of photos I want to create but out of the current collection (some selected below) which ones spark your interest?

Card Collage

  • Travel with buildings
  • Flowers from around the world
  • Landscape and nature shots
  • Abstract art or word art that I create on my Instagram page (Happy, Love, Eat

The best way to let me know you like a photo to print would be to hashtag it #HELLOKIKIPRINT if you follow me regularly on Facebook or Instagram. Or please feel free to comment below or email me directly

The greeting cards will be for sale in my online SHOP which will be launching soon!

Thanks for your continued support for my photography


One thought on “#HELLOKIKIPRINT

  1. What the! Amazing. These days I’m really into photos of anything (natural or man-made) but with *colours* that are very difficult to come by and see with the human eye. Colours that can more easily be captured by a camera and its photographer. Basically.. a lot of your pictures!

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