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I have updated my website link to http://www.hellokikiphotos.com along with all my social media names @hellokikiphotos to keep everything easy to find. My previous URL was confusing so I hope this helps.

 I’m often asked…What does Hello Kiki represent?

It is a place where I am creatively FREE .

For over 2 years now I’ve been living, breathing and loving my blog Hello Kiki as a passion and now it works hand in hand with my professional photography career. When I upgraded my camera I decided to name it “Kiki” as Canon 5Dmk iii doesn’t roll off the tongue the way Kiki does. My camera is a part of my life is so many ways and I thought she deserved a name. When I created my blog it was simple to name it Hello Kiki as I was simply an I introduction of what I see through the len of Kiki of the world. I explain more in the first post I wrote about myself.

 It’s fantastic doing something you love every day even when times get tough, hectic and being creative just seems to hard.  The end results are always rewarding and that’s where I thank YOU my followers for driving me to always strive to be better.

Stay tuned for the launch of my greeting cards #HELLOKIKIPRINTS

My SHOP is now OPEN as well… if you want to check out the one piece I have for sale.


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