Harleythecavoodle, cavoodle

Life with a dog

Life with a dog

As some of you might of noticed my dog Harley is one of my favourite subjects to photograph. This is because of two reasons….

1. He is around me 24/7 as I work at home



Now, every morning my wake up call is not an iPhone alarm but at 7:00am I have a little pup barking at me trying to get up on to the bed.

#Harleythecavoodle, Cavoodle in bed


9:00am it’s time to work…

Well, I work… he  just annoys me every second trying to get my attention to play.

At Work
#harleythecavoodle, Beach dog

1:00pm it is nap time for Harley…if I’m lucky.

My bed

Over two weekends ago… Harley gave us a scare as he had bad reaction to his vaccination. His poor face got so swollen [above see the left photo in the middle row right next to his wet bath face].

 Thankfully we did not have to admit him overnight. We watched him like a hawk to ensure that the antihistamine was working. Apparently it is normal for some dogs to have reactions to vaccinations… so don’t worry if you are a first time puppy owner like myself.

#harleythecavoodle, Beach dog

5:00pm is Harley’s favourite time of day…. we walk to park and play fetch!

If he is lucky we go to the dog beach in Port Melbourne.


Growing up on a farm with lots of animals and having I think 11 dogs at one point… you would think I’d be a pro owner. I feel like such a rookie dog owner. I guess the lesson I’ve learnt is when you invest in your pet by putting time and effort into training the stakes become higher vs a childhood pet. It’s not about just loving the dog and taking it out for a walk…it’s so much more.

Harley has brought more love and happiness into our home.

He is a great companions to us and no matter what is going on in our life…he always so excited to us when we walk through our door.

Being a pet owner [Mom] to Harley is just AWESOME!


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