30 days till my 30th birthday on 30th of June

HBD, Happy birthday balloons

HBD = Happy Birthday

So here I am, 30 days away from turning 30. Yes, June 30 marks my birthday which also happens to make it my CHAMPAGNE BIRTHDAY! (for who follow that stuff)

I have been contemplating multiple ways to celebrate this milestone, however, I have struggled to come up with something inspiring which wouldn’t break the bank account, until now.

I initially wanted to go travelling which wont come as a surprise to many because travel should be my middle name. Yet with my new business ventures and cost factors also coming into consideration, I’m fairly certain I won’t be reaching 30,000ft anytime in the near future. Its a bit of a downer as travelling is what started my love and passion for blogging. So with that said I’m going to celebrate my 30th birthday at home in Melbourne, of course with a twist.

So for the 30 days of living out my twenties, I have decided to treat myself to things I have always wanted to do but never actually found time to actually do. We all make excuses, “too busy, its raining, I have a cough, and the list goes on. So, I’m deciding to not let an excuse ruin my destination, being my champagne 30th birthday.

My goals! To celebrate the final remaining 30 days doing the things I put off for a rainy day (which never comes). For example: Take a Spanish class, so that I can brush up on my Spanish as I feel like I’m forgetting it since I left another past home the Dominican Republic. I have come up with 15 items and am yet to fill the other 15 days. Things can be simple like watch my favourite movie or challenging myself to try and beat my personal fastest 100m-sprint time (Scott came up with that). Either way here are a few that I have already come up with. Feel free to send me your thought on some everyday challenges to accomplish before I leave my twenties behind me forever.

  1. Breakfast at my favourite spot – $30 or less
  2. Hip Hop Yoga – $30 [If anyone wants to come with let me know]
  3. Spanish class – FREE lesson from my friend Clara
  4. Piano lesson – 1 hour $50
  5. Photography workshop $279
  6. Cooking class – LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS
  7. Lunch at a new venue – $30 or less
  8. Dinner – $30 MAX.
  9. Melbourne Aquarium – $30.40
  10. Horse back riding – $170
  11. Eureka Tower is the tallest building in Melbourne – $20
  12. Australian football game – $25 general admission
  13. Small camera picture day Polaroid – FREE
  14. DIY project by my favourite DIY Blogger – FREE

I want my total celebration to only cost $1000! Now this is going to be a big challenge and I have to stay organised and I am still planning out some of these activities so any help and suggestions will be much appreciated. I will try my best to post my activities as the occur on my blog, Facebook and Instagram!



6 thoughts on “30 days till my 30th birthday on 30th of June

  1. What!!! You are amazing. Hah I wish I thought of something as cool as that. Guess I have to wait for 40 lol.

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