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If I was to promote one thing… it would be to travel!

hello kiki printHKP_Cards127

I love sharing my travel photography and experiences on my blog for the past 2 years and now having them in print is so exciting for me!

I have so much passion for traveling the world as it has brought me so much happiness.

I have beautiful friends all over the world.

I met the man of my dreams on a plane, who loves and cares for me!

During hard times in my life it has been a way of healing my broken heart.

It has been so educational in history, religions and cultures.

There is nothing like visiting a world under the sea.


If I was to promote one thing it would be to travel…even if you are scared of planes or getting out of your comfort zone. I have never met a person once in my life that has ever said “I regret travelling.”

hello kiki print

So all I can hope if you purchase any of my greeting cards for yourself or to give to a friend that they inspire you or them to jump on a plane or in a car and take a trip to a place you have never been to experience life and let your soul run free.

hello kiki print

My EXPLORE greeting cards as they are limited edition and are not posted on my online shop but are still available to purchase for only $5 each. Contact me if you wish to purchase any of them info@kimberleywilliamsphotography.com

hello kiki print

The world is a beautiful place just waiting to be explored.


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