Hello Kiki Photos, 30th birthday, Kimberley WIlliams

Thirty and Thriving

Hello Kiki Photos, 30th birthday, Kimberley WIlliams

It feels like I’m turning 19 years old again.  And at the age of 19 in Canada you become legal to drink alcohol ….that is how excited I am about my birthday! I remember how excited I was to finally be an “ADULT”! I had so much curiosity of what my life was going to be like I just wanted to live for the now and think later.  

Now eleven years later, I wouldn’t change anything and understand that everything I have done has help me become the confident person I am today. I am an adult excited about embracing my life more than ever before… to live a life of purpose – putting together monthly goals and pushing myself harder to achieve them. To continue to learn and grow as a person through all aspects of my life and regardless of my success and failure. And most importantly to push aside any self-doubt I might of had and just believe in my potential.

Hello Kiki Photos, 30th birthday, Kimberley WIlliams

Travelling has been a vital part of my life and I have learnt many life lesson. The most important lessons that has stayed with me is throughout my life is that you have to make your own dreams / goals and life come true. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone into new territory of learning and experience so many times and though it has never been easy looking back it was worth it because I just went for it. Travelling and life experience taught me how to be strong in new environments and I hope this transition into the business world will bring me more fulfillment in my future.


The month of June has been about celebrating and reflecting on the past 30 years of my life. If you were following me on Instagram you would have seen some photos I posted along the way about things I was doing. And the truth is… this past month has been busy and I was unorganised and planned everything last minute and only complete half of it. Out of it one of the best activities I did was went to the Melbourne Aquarium After Dark for Friday Night drinks, I fully recommend it to all Melbournians.

What I have loved most about my month is that I have inspired others to do something similar for their birthday. I think we all want to celebrate our lives more but forget to because we get so caught up in the dramas in our lives. We simply forget to step back and just live and be happy. So if I can inspire and/or have inspired you to do something similar then that makes me very happy.

Hello Kiki Photos, 30th birthday, Kimberley WIlliams


One thought on “Thirty and Thriving

  1. Yup I’m inspired. Going to play footy in the park right now (English footy, not Canadian or Australian lol) then something else to make the most of my Canada Day. Kim what a lovely post. Also you’re looking prettier than even at 30. Excited for more adventures to come!

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