Offline is the new luxury


So I decided to go offline for the last two months to do some serious soul searching.

I was unsure to continue sharing my lifestyle photography online but I realised that Hello Kiki is my place to be creatively free without restriction. I love sharing all the beautiful places I get to see and all the fun things I experience in life. A possible name change may occur… If anyone has any thoughts please send them to me.

Going offline has been a wonderful experience. I stopped looking at other people’s lives and had to reflect on my own. My favourite thing about social media is that I gain so much inspiration from other people’s posts/photos/artwork. There are so many people out there trying their hardest to share their unique take on fashion, lifestyle, photography and more. I got caught up in all the inspiration everyday that it started to make me feel lost. It helped me think about what I really love in terms of my own work instead of just following what others do and work for them.

It was nice to have a phone again and not check it for the latest updates or to see how many likes I got on a post. I had no social media apps on my phone so there was no need to be on it unless someone called or texted.

Deactivating Facebook was very refreshing but I think scared some people and I am sorry for just dropping off the social media planet. I am still alive and well and happy to now be back online.

Emailing is a bit retro as a way of communicating with friends. I can’t believe that emailing has now become a formal way of communicating which is why is primarily used in the workplace. Some of my friends were shocked when they got an email vs a Facebook message. Emailing was good for the most part but I do prefer Facebook as a platform to share information like photos to everyone in one quick bang.

I wasn’t happy to login to Instagram and notice sponsored ads have now started. I do, however, like that you can post photos of all sizes now and not just square images on Instagram.

The reason why going offline is a luxury now is because so many of us rely on social media to stay relevant to our consumers. We live in a world now where we are all becoming a brand and we have to constantly remind our consumers we exist.

Try it… Go offline and see what happens.


Soul searching is hard thing to do today because we never give ourselves a break or time to think clearly. Going offline was just one way I helped myself but I went deeper and I hope to share with you what I discovered in another post.


If you are wondering where I am…

I am currently living in California, Los Angeles and it is just beautiful here…

I believe it was 39 degrees today!



  1. Hey Kim
    I was wondering what you are up to and thinking it’s about time we had a catch up, and suddenly you are in LA! Not just offline but out of the way! Way out of the way. And soul searching too. I hope everything is ok. I miss your fun and vitality and new school ways. Who said email is retro- it’s what I can cope with.

    Sent from my iPad

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