Hollywood Hike

Hollywood signStar jump Hollywood sign Hollywood signHollywood sign Hollywood Sign Headstand Hollywood sign hike

I love California!

I’ve been here a couples times visiting family and sightseeing.  At one point I almost moved to California with my family. I wonder what life would have been like if I moved here?

Hiking to the Hollywood sign was a first! So I was very excited to experience it with my uncle and my niece.

Along the trails you could tell who were locals that lived nearby and those who were tourist trying to snap the best photo of the sign. The hike is about 45 minutes each way but if you take lots of photos like I do, upside down it will take 2 hours and 20 mins. It is a easy hike as the path are paved in some areas. You can also hire a horse or bikes to go up the trail as well.

There are various trails to walk along, we took two..one to see the sign in front and then walked behind it. There is a lot of security cameras and helicopters flying over every couple minutes so there is no way to get up close and personal with the sign. The view of Los Angeles is great when you reach the top, as you get a 365 view of the surrounding area at the top.

We lucked out with the weather as the cloud provided us shade from the sun.

I recommend you take a bottle water, go to the bathroom before you start the hike and sunscreen. If you love snapping photos I suggest taking a fisheye lense or a wide angle lense to capture the whole view.

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