Top 3 Reasons Why I love Yogaqua


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I have been wanting to blog about my yoga experience at Yogaqua for weeks now but I have held back…and I think the wait was worth it.

Not only am I excited to share the photos I captured of Yogaqua owner Sarah Tiefenthaler, her yoga instructors and her students but you also get to see photos of me behind the lense in action… which is rare.







There are so many wonderful things I can tell you about Yogaqua but you really need to experience for yourself to understand fully.
I encourage anyone who is willing to TRY something different then doing yoga in a studio to head to Marina Del Ray, Los Angeles on the weekend for a yoga class you will never forget!
Top 3 reasons I love Yogaqua
  1. I love being in the water, outside in nature…doing YOGA…for me is the BEST COMBO I could have ask for! [I believe the first class I ever did with Sarah I said to her afterwards “Being on land sucks!”] 
  2. It is a real challenge for any yogi from beginner to pro… Warrior one is not so easy to do on a paddle board – balance is KEY!
  3. I become fearless… I have the encourage to try difficult poses like a handstand which I always avoid doing in a studio environment, as I am afraid of falling and hitting the person next to me… but the OCEAN thankfully enough, never seems to care when I land in it!handstand at yogaqua
Stay tuned on my next post getting to know more about Founder of Yogaqua Sarah Tiefenthaler 



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