In my element


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Ever since I can remember I have loved being in the water. As a kid growing up my parents would call me a fish as I never wanted to leave the pool.

My mother loves tell people the story when I was 3 or 4 years old and learning how to swim in the pool… the teacher asked if anyone wanted to try jumping off the top diving board and no one went up the except me. #nofear

We all are born under an element sign; earth, air, fire and water.  If you know anything about astrology I am a water sign being a Cancerian. I have definitely found that when I am in the water I come alive and I feel at home.


What is your element? What do you do in life that makes you feel the best no matter what? Taking sometime to reflect on yourself and discovering how you shine in life is important. Even if you are doing what you love there is always the potential of you sharing more of your greatest with others. Never stop growing.

Location: San Clemente

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