LA_Wall_Crawl_579 LA_Wall_Crawl_573 LA_Wall_Crawl_581 LA_Wall_Crawl_586 LA_Wall_Crawl_592

These are the last photographs of my LA Wall Crawl…

It was amazing fun going around the city discovering these amazing graffiti painted walls. If you want a map of the walls I use this one created by Studio DIY  it was so helpful. It is best to map out your own route and the walls you want to see the most before heading out. You don’t want to keep driving back and forth between sites. Most of the ones I went too were only 8 minutes away from each other.

I don’t believe the Colette Miller angel wings are on the map linked above but the address is St. Regis Wine & Liquor, 8401 West 3rd Street (at S Orlando Avenue), Beverly Grove

I will be heading back to LA in February and hope to get around to some more street art work. I feel that is it a great thing to share artist’s work. It’s the best compliment an artist can receive.


Jedi Jumpsuit / Forever 21

5 thoughts on “LA WALL CRAWL

  1. Dear Kim, I just wanna briefly say – probably not for the 1st time – what joy your posts can give me!! I love the way you play with colour particularly… it taps straight into the senses in fantastical ways 🙂 PS. The Jedi Jumpsuit is wonderful!!!! Thanks again for your rays of sunshine, Lawrence. PS. Can you read me when I ‘reply’ directly to the Kiki posts? Hope so..

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