Joshua Tree – Cactus Garden

Joshua_Tree_332 Joshua_Tree_315 Joshua_Tree_329 Joshua_Tree_305 Joshua_Tree_299 Joshua_Tree_333 Joshua_Tree_302 Joshua_Tree_293_1

Can you see me?Joshua_Tree_291 Joshua_Tree_300 Joshua_Tree_342

Cactus garden is a must see at Joshua Tree, but my only warning is to NOT go off the path.

My friends and I wanted to get a cool photo but instead my friend step on a small ball cactus. It got stuck in the side of her foot and in her skin. It was hard to pull out without getting stab myself but nonetheless we manage.

Listen to the warning signs and DON’T go off the path unless you don’t mind shape needle pins going through your skin and pulling them out. We survive but it wasn’t fun.

Traveling and having mini adventures create great memories and funny stories!


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