Yoga photography by Kimberley Williams



I have decided to combine my two passions of photography and yoga into one calling it YOtoGrAphy. I am sure you have all seen my recent work in LA with different yogis which has given me so much inspiration to pursue this next phase in my photography.
What is YOtoGrAphy?
I want to discover as many Yogis through my lens as possible. I am excited to develop a community of yogis all around the world that I meet, and of any age or gender. I want to let them shine through my photography and share their Yogi stories. I will have more detail on my website so if you are a YOGI find out where I will be next if you want to be apart of YOtoGrAphy… please contact me or share this to a yogi friend you might know who is in the area. Please see a list of dates and locations on where I will be next posted below. You could be my next YOtoGrAphy post.
Update on Hello Kiki 
If you have been following me from the beginning you will know that my photography started with the creation of my lifestyle/travel blog called Hello Kiki. It has grown into my now business Kimberley Williams Photography. It has been such a great experience seeing my photography grow from being in a blog to working with clients and now pursuing it even further with yoga.

I have always shunned away from people who ask the question… what photography do you do? Because I never had a truthful answer until now… It’s YOGA photography I LOVE to do!

However, don’t worry I am keeping LIVE!!! It will remain my creative space for my photography, travel and lifestyle so you will know what I am up too. For less confusion I have decided to no longer be known as Hello Kiki on social media and only go by my name. Some of you might have received an email from Facebook regarding the change in name.
I feel that 2016 is going to be a BIG exciting year for me!!! I have been living in Los Angeles and BC, Canada for the past couple of months… sorting out my next move. I have FINALLY decided to move to Perth, Australia.
If you are looking for me in terms of YOtoGrAphy:
Los Angeles, California – Today [Feb 8]-Feb 21
Turtle Bay, Hawaii – Feb 22-Feb 29
Melbourne, Australia – Mar 2 – Mar 8
Perth, Australia – Mar 8 – ?
To be clear: YOtoGrAphy will be found on along with my Hello Kiki blog posts. YOtoGrAphy is just the name of the photo series that I am using, along with the hashtag. See some of my first yogi’s I have discovered on my instagram feed now.

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