2E6A9168I can’t believe my blog turns 3 today! Time flies when you are enjoying life…

So much has happened in the past 3 years that I am sooo grateful to have experienced! Toronto (many times), Cuba, Mexico, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Great Barrier Reef, East Coast Road Trip, Perth, Great China Wall, Beijing, Bali, Nelson, Los Angeles and Hawaii are just some of the few places I have travelled…

Here are some of your favourite posts along with some of mine! Thank you for your continued support of my photography work. I will continue to share my lifestyle photography on Hello Kiki blog when I get time away from my work on YOtoGrAphy.



LA WALL CRAWLLA_Wall_Crawl_592

Lake Lousie in the Winter Winter_Canada_135

30 days till my 30th birthday

The Joshua Tree Joshua_Tree_369


Finn’s Beach Club Bali

Bali Tegenungan WaterfallKWPL6187

Giant SwanHello Kiki Giant Swan Bali

Harley our Cavoodle KWP_Harley_548

Top 3 Reasons Why I love Yogaqua


Great China Wall 2E6A3301

Lady Elliot Island2E6A0867

Scuba Diving – Great Barrier Reef 

Hong KongKWPL3893

La Havana  – Cuba



Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi2E6A1679

The Edgewalk – Toronto CN TowerCNTowerEdgeWalk-17

The Balconies – Grampians, Victoria 2E6A9700

Dubai Dubai

Portaging – Canada

Discover Sunflowers – Melbourne 

Sunflower - Hello Kiki


My life motto: WISH IT, DREAM IT, DO IT

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