Yogi Kim Army

Yogi Army Kim

Yogi Kim Army

Yoga “warm up” before battleYOGI KIM Army Kelvin Crow Pose



This past weekend I went to Lazer Tag with the LADS, which is why I am wearing army gear. So obviously I had to bust out a yoga move in my amazing outfit!

I showed the lads how to do some arm balance moves. Kelvin (in photo above) is my newest student and he is already doing crow pose!!! He has so much strength I can’t see what he is capable of doing next… It makes me happy when new people discover yoga and how much fun it can be. Challenging your body to move in ways you never knew it could. Feeling the energy that yoga can give you as well as feeling muscles you never knew you had.

In terms of social media I have been slack on blogging and I am more active on Instagram and Facebook with YOtoGrAphy. However, I have jumped onto snapchat as it is an amazing fast and quick way to share what is going on behind the scenes in my life.  Like going to lazer tag and getting my face painted to camping trips to yummy meals I’m cooking up…. check out my story @hellokikiphotos






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