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If you love my photography, why not contact me to see if I can do a shoot for your blog, brand or business.

Email info@kimberleywilliamsphotography.com

Mobile 0423 614 202

Discover more about my story and escape into the colourful adventures of Hello Kiki


This Lifestyle blog is about Kimberley Williams sharing her passion of travel, fashion and photography.

Kimberley is an avid traveller, who has already made her way to 28 countries and counting. Currently residing in Melbourne, Kimberley was born in Toronto, Canada. There is no denying her desire and enthusiasm of seeing the beauty in life and in the world. Kimberley has not only travelled around the globe, but has also been fortunate enough to call both the Caribbean & England home.

In October 2010, when back in her native city of Toronto, she decided to take a chance on life. She followed her heart, resigned from her job, packed up her belongs and made a plan – which was a bit of a contradiction at the time– as it was to have NO PLAN. She was determined to live in Australia and figured she would leave the rest to fate. Fate has now become Kimberley’s best friend.

Living in Melbourne for a couple of years now, Kimberley has never been happier. Inspired by the novelty of fresh beginnings, this blog is a canvas to showcase her always colourful wardrobe, her vivid photography and her ever so exciting travel adventures.

Kimberley’s written postings come from a place of solitude, inner peace and a deep gratitude of the simple things in life. Her goal is that with each reading you will peel back the layers and relate to her stories and experiences. Maybe something she discusses will hit a cord within you. It may remind you of your youth, or of past decisions made or not made. At the end, we are all connected and there is nothing more pure and beautiful then bringing that to the surface. Kimberley welcomes you with open arms to join her adventure as this is the beginning of a lifelong bond. Whether oceans apart or next-door neighbors: welcome.



One word “Wanderlust” an irresistible desire to travel the world


“Fashion is passion” it makes me happy because fashion is fun and enjoyable. Fashion for me is not only about wearing clothing but sharing style tips and tricks to those who ask for it, as I am always happy to help!


Capturing moments in life that will last forever = Priceless

This year Kimberley has started her photography business launching it in January.


In June she launched another concept called Paint Splash that is a fun filled photography activity for kids to get messy with Paint! Check it out for any big kid that is willing to be young and have a little bit of fun again.

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello you two,
    how are you?

    We are since Sunday back in Germany.
    40 degrees temperature difference.
    I have asked Vera on the last day in bali.
    Today we are getting married at 11 clock. So 3 hours until the wedding.

    still a nice vacation.

    many greetings
    carsten and cause

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