Winter Wonders




2E6A9697  2E6A9713 2E6A9732 2E6A9731Wearing: Outfit lost in my closet but found after a good clean out

This outfit is one of the few I brought with me when I first came over to Melbourne as a traveller. It got buried away during summer time and overlooked buy new purchases for the past year.

The blazer is perfect for a wonderful winter day like today as it is warm but lightweight.  The cut and embellishments create a sophisticated look, and I do not know why I don’t wear it more often.

I could not believe how beautiful this afternoon weather was…considering it was freezing this morning. I seriously was walking around without my jacket and did not feel cold. In some photo shoots I will admit to taking my jacket off to create a different look regardless of the weather. (People look at me strangely, I just laugh it off as I know I am just having fun)

Today was simply perfect not just in weather but also completing my year end review with results I am happy and proud with. It is nice to complete my first year at work with great comments from my boss and leave work for a 5 week vacation (holiday) back home to see my family and friends and celebrate my 28th birthday and so much more.

The evening was top off with a fun dinner with best mates Joel & Lozza eating at Laska King “#1 Urbanspoons Best Cheap Eats in Melbourne” and I would probably have to agree. It is in Kensington so out of the city but definitely worth a visit if your in the area.

Photography: Samantha edited by me

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