Giant Swing Oahu


This giant swing was not an easy swing to find in Oahu… google does have any details on the location…but I do! Click here to see the google map streetview image of it’s location!

I believe it was my lovely friend Steph who spotted it while driving by… she asked me what do I want to see in Oahu and this swing was the only thing I could think of. I had seen my favourite blogger Gary Pepper Girl swing on it in one of her posts. But when I went to google the location there was no location and only images of people of the swing. So I hope now with this post… people will be able to find the giant swing in Oahu on the north shore more easily.

Steph is a fan of acro yoga so it was a MUST to “try” to do some acro yoga on the giant swing together…


You are never too old to have fun on a giant swing in Hawaii.


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