Hawaii Day 2


On route to finding the GIANT SWING we got to stop off at some amazing views along the north shore of Oahu. We found a couple of swings that weren’t the GIANT SWING and had a bit of fun and did some yoga on the beach.

The best part of the journey was quickly stopping off while driving back to photograph the mountains (picture above) and meeting Chloe Dee the yogi also featured in the photos above doing a yoga pose in front of her iphone for her instagram feed as she was heading to the Wanderlust Festival as well! That was a moment in life when you have to believe that things happen for a reason. People are at the same place at the same time because of something more than they realised…

Chloe and I crossed path again on the first day of the festival by accident and we decided to do a class together which got us talking and we became instant friends! She is my tribalw sista and I only wish I lived closer to her to have many more amazing adventures with her.  We went on to do more yoga classes together, dinner and eventually a photography shoot together on the beach at Turtle Bay resort for her business Nutritional Gangster. She is a yoga teacher and hosts yoga retreats to amazing places like Joshua Tree. She also provides amazing recipes on her website that you all need to check out. She has an amazing spirit and so much heart that I know one day we will continue our adventures together. If you are ever in Seattle look her up.


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