YOGA_EAST-VIC-PARKYOGA_Kdeer_Kim 753YOGA_Kdeer_Kim 771YOGA_Kdeer_Kim 804YOGA_Kdeer_Kim 795YOGA_Kdeer_Kim 740YOGA_Kdeer_Kim 798YOGA_Kdeer_Kim 806

It’s official… I am teaching yoga to beginner students in my hood and I love it!

I’m so excited about this new chapter in my life as I really want to develop a new yoga community to open more people to this fabulous fun world of yoga.

I love being a yoga photographer as well because of all the amazing yogi’s I get to meet along the way!  My goal is to enhance the yoga community that already exists to show more people that it is such a beautiful practise that ANYONE can do. You will only ever receive benefits from practising yoga and why not do something good for yourself that not only helps your body but also your mind and soul.

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