Vintage Shopping

Vintage Shopping



Wearing: Forever 21 Top & Skirt / Michael Kors Flats / Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag / Mango Necklace (birthday gift)

Vintage shopping is like a treasure hunt, but you are looking for buried pre-loved clothing. I found 2 of my favourite items the black flats and black shoulder bag seen in the first photograph. They were discovered at this small little vintage stand in Nelson, BC at their monthly street festival, which happens on the last Friday of every month. The black flats I fell in love with right away as they are so fashionable right now and they were only $15!  The shoulder bag was great while traveling around during the day as I could fit so much stuff (Lonely Planet book, bottle of water, wallet and more) and for only $15 too! Find all Miss Kitten Vintage here on Esty

In the same stand another lady was selling her clothing designs which were awesome. I bought the dress in my hands for $75 which was worth every penny. I love supporting local designers who are pursuing their passions in fashion, as it can be a hard industry to get into. Designer Lauren website (similar dress)

Shopping Tips:

Vintage shopping: If you find something you like/LOVE don’t hesitate, BUY IT! (You will regret it later if you don’t)

Local designers: Support them and buy their designs (even if they may be pricey) – at least you know where your money is going versus a company who you regularly support.

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