Enjoy Santa Monica Pier & Your Life

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[LA Postcard Collection]

Remember to live in the moment. Forget about the past and stop imagining the future and just be!

For many of us it is a hard thing to do. To just enjoy a simple moment in life.

We are too busy thinking, multi-tasking, texting, stressing about our lives.

I challenge you to go somewhere you love [Park, garden, museum, cafe, beach] Go for one hour by yourself and just be… smile, reflect, meditate, laugh…whatever. Be crazy and TURN OFF your phone…don’t cheat and put it on silent.

Allow yourself to enjoy your own life and make it special just for you, because you can!!!


To me: Santa Monica pier is a special place to me because when I think of LA, I see this pier in my head. My memories of the pier are vague but I remember happy times here. As an adult coming back here was just as wonderful but in a different way. I walked around, people watched, sat on the beach listening to my music and just relaxed. It was absolutely wonderful! I plan to return and rent a bike to cruise around some more.

If anyone knows of a cool cafe or restaurant in Santa Monica can you please let me know?

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Santa Monica Pier & Your Life

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