Hawaii North Shore

Hawaii Day One

Hawaii North Shore Hawaii North Shore Hawaii North Shore Hawaii North Shore Hawaii North Shore Hawaii North Shore Hawaii North Shore

Hello… Hello Kiki Followers,

I have not disappeared from sharing my lifestyle photography… I have been traveling like crazy… if you follow me on social media you know what I am talking about!

I have landed in Perth and have finally had time to edit and look through some of my personal photography and I am soo excited to share with you the photos I’ve taken while in Hawaii as they are amazing.

I think I have 500 images from The Quicksliver in Memory of Eddie Aikau surf competition to sort through still… AHHHH!!!! The Eddie is a competition that only happens when the waves get to 50ft high in Waimea Bay… as you can see in the pictures above there was no calmness on the north shore of Oahu for the first 4 days I got there. I will share more on this later.

I am so excited to be in Perth, as I got no clue really where I am but that’s the best part when you start over… you aren’t suppose to know where you are… you just begin.

As many of you have noticed I have turned my facebook and instagram pages into yoga photography.  I am pursuing my passion as a yoga photographer and I could not be happier to finally know what I want to photograph in my life. I am so honoured so many people have been supportive of my work because it really makes me happy!


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