Discover Sunflowers

Sunflower Hello Kiki













Location: Alfred Street, North Melbourne

How do you discover a place like this in a modern day massive city?

Well lucky for me…my dear friend Maggie text message me while on her Road Trip to Armidale that she heard on  3AW radio that the artist Ben Morrison has installed (or should I say planted) his latest creation of sunflowers in North Melbourne on Alfred Street.

It was a rare and unusual site to see a field of sunflowers as located in commercial estate just beside the overhead city-link bypass; nonetheless it was priceless and beautiful art to see. I had so much fun playing amongst these sunflowers and you can’t help but smile and enjoy the site of happy sunflowers smiling back at you. I encourage anyone in the area to drive by and take a walk through and appreciate this rare living art growing in Melbourne. I would hurry as they will not last much longer in this 35-40 degree + heat.

Thanks for reading

Photography by myself & Scott

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