Dear readers, I am so excited to have finally got time to do a photo shoot wearing my new favourite boots!!!

I have been wearing them almost every other day to give my sore foot a break as it has not healed 100% but these boots were made for walking that’s just what they’ll do…



Hello Kiki - wearing Charlotte Olympia boots

Charlotte Olympia boots


Wearing: ASOS dress | H&M Black Shirt & Jacket | Charlotte Olympia boots

It’s been a long time between blog posts and there are many reasons for this. To be truthful, it’s due to a lack of inspiration and motivation. I finally decided to be honest with myself and admitted I was not as happy as I thought I was. I have been putting on a brave face when really I have been feeling alone. Due to working commitments, I have been living apart from Scott (boyfriend) for almost a year, with only weekends to catch up. Our weekend is limited to 24 hours as Scott works on Saturday and drives ‘2.5 hours to come home. Having time to myself has provided me with opportunities to work on my blog, my photography and develop them in a way I never thought I could. I appreciate how hard Scott works and enjoy the time we do spend together, however being away from the love of your life, your best friends and your family for long periods can be tough… especially when the majority of these people live overseas.

I debated whether or not I should share all of this on my blog with you and concluded that I should as I am real person and have many different colours to myself. As you can tell, I share many fun, bright and vibrant colours through my Hello Kiki blog. It’s important to recognise though that all colours have different shades and for the past month I went through different shades of grey. I feel that we all experience this from time to time and we would be in denial if we didn’t admit it to ourselves. I do not think there is anything wrong with it as long as you reflect on it and turn those shades of grey back into bright solid colours again.

My colour at the moment is RED and LIPS which is clearly the theme for these Charlotte Olympia boots. It’s amazing how a pair of boots can make you feel so incredible. I doubted myself for buying them as they are not the cheapest pair (though I did get them on sale) and they seem ridiculous as they have kiss marks all over them. But the only way to describe them is by listening to the song by Nancy Sintara.

PS. I have considered doing another dance video after watching this song on youtube like I did for the “Happy” song by Pharrell. Thoughts..?!

5 thoughts on “Charlotte

  1. I enjoyed your entry very much Kim. I think you gave us a lot with it…& you and those boots look just wonderful together!!

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